Kardas C. Stefan

Stefan C. Kardas

Kardas C. Stefan

Stefan founded his own company 2006. Stefan provides consulting and interim management so as beginning 2019 interim staffing solutions to companies worldwide. With more than 25 years of automotive manufacturing experience, he has spent the better part of the past 10 years before 2006 with LEAR Corp and IAC Group holding various manufacturing positions including leading Purchasing Capex, Manufacturing Engineering and Continuous Improvement in Europe.

Stefan has developed a strong skill set which supports the implementation of the Toyota Production System tools. He has demonstrated a direct and rapid impact to the bottom line which has helped save companies a lot of dollars. These skills have led to rapid inventory reduction, elimination of material shortages and expedites, increasing on-time delivery, inventory turns and profit. His expertise focuses on materials management, beginning with FG sequencing, plant level loading, creation of pull systems for internal suppliers, creation of conveyance routes for the delivery of material, developing PFEP to store both FGs, WIP and purchase components and sequencing supplier deliveries to achieve level loading. Stefan also has experience with Crisis Management, ERP implementation, Value Stream Mapping, and Developing/Leading diverse workgroups.

He holds both Bachelor & Masters Degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Environmental Engineering from Munich Germany, and still claims to be a student of Taiichi Ohno today, focusing on how to eliminate the Muda – Operational Excellence is where he excels. His motto is: “Just Do It”